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The 6 Pros To Hiring a Photo & Video Team

So, you're getting married, and everything in the world is almost near perfection! You've got the ring, you've picked the date, and maybe even the venue. However, there is something still missing... Oh yeah! The creative team that's going to capture all of your big day's moments! Photo and video are major parts of your wedding planning, and Rick and I (Shelby) want to ask you a question that you may have already asked yourself. Why should I hire a Team that does both Photo and Video for my Big Day?

If you're like most brides-to-be, you've probably been searching for "Memphis Best Wedding Photographer" or "Memphis Best Wedding Videographer". In those searches, you've probably noticed that there's a lot of "Best" photo and video companies. While that's fantastic,   (because let's face it, not one single company could handle ALL the weddings in the Mid-South) it makes your search for the right photographer and videographer a real challenge. To simplify things a little for you, we'd love to tell you what we do differently and how those differences make your wedding planning so much simpler!



When hiring a Photo and Video Team, you are finding and selecting one vendor instead of two. You've already booked a caterer, florist, and a venue. Crossing one business with both pros off of the list, instead of two separate businesses, is an absolute relief! Consulting with multiple photographers and videographers can sometimes feel exhausting. Finding one team who can offer a solution that fits your wedding day can save time and mental energy that you should be investing into dreaming of walking down that aisle!


You will know the moment that you click with a Photo and Video Artist Team! They're excited to answer all of your biggest questions, learn about your love story and are genuinely excited to capture your day. It's very important to feel comfortable with your Pros, since they're such an integral part of your big day. In saying that, having to learn two separate teams' personalities can get a little tricky. When you're having to divide your attention amongst more than two artists, things can start to get slippery!

Consider this scenario: It's your wedding day, your dress is on, and Mom is buttoning up her little girl's dress to make that march down the aisle. Now add four different people pulling your attention to look into their camera. It can be overwhelming, and honestly, sometimes frustrating, especially when you just want to be living the moment! Rick and I personally take an approach that feels more like two of your friends sharing that moment with you, and never competing for the camera limelight.


Raise your hand if you’ve been in or at a wedding and witnessed any of these scenarios:

-Photographer and videographer not getting along/remaining distant/standoffish.

- Competing for the shot.

- Stepping on one another’s toes (literally!)

-Or (my favorite) 4-6 people with cameras hovering around the bride and groom craving their attention.

Well, I'll be fair and say this: these things don't happen all of the time, but they sometimes do. While we’ve never experienced this ourselves and love working together with videographers outside of our company when our couples hire them, we certainly have heard all the horror stories!

When hiring a Photo and Video Team, you're hiring a team who can approach your day with a plan: a comprehensive, prepped plan. This ultimately means that your day will run smoother and will have the best coverage possible.

While it’s entirely possible for a photographer & videographer to coordinate well before a wedding day, and on your Big Day, nothing compares to the level of communication, planning and understanding that comes with a Photo and Video Team.


Over the years, Rick and I have developed a unique posing style that allows us to work with each other instead of against. We love movement in our photos and especially in our films. Filmmakers and Photographers alike understand the importance of movement in capturing natural moments. Filmmakers understand that this is absolutely the most important part of filmmaking: capturing motion pictures. But there are times that a disconnect can happen between two separate teams working together.

Still, motionless poses just do not translate well into video. Rick and I have grown so accustomed to the way the other shoots, that we're able to direct natural, authentic and beautiful moments without ever skipping a beat, or having to stop a couple mid laugh to re-pose for each other's work.

When hiring separate photography and videography companies, the likelihood of two totally different posing styles is high, and could leave you feeling, well, flustered. We've honed our unique posing style over the years and we're able to take a couple's camera shyness, and convert that into fun, explosive energy that stays consistent, and never conflicts or leaves you feeling confuzzled.


Let's face it: dark and moody colored photos are gorgeous; bright and airy colored films are soaringly beautiful; yet, mixing the two together can give your mind a good twisting and may leave you to wonder how two artists could possibly see your wedding day so differently! We truly believe that your wedding day photos and films should look and feel like your day felt. Continuity across our Photos and Films is the absolute best way to experience that. Our classic color and moody tones reflect across both mediums to the degree that you may want to try and frame your film on the wall. That was attempted humor... If you’re dreaming of a wedding film and wedding photographs that “match” stylistically, hiring a Photo and Video Team should be hands down the easiest choice in the sea of choices as a bride.


Cost is always a major factor in choosing photo and video professionals. What sets the bar for pricing is not equally measured in the wedding industry: some too high here; some too low there. Shopping around may almost seem intimidating when you're looking at all of the varying price tags associated with photography and videography work. Simple solutions make the world go round. Simplicity is finding one team, with one price. No fluff. No bank breaking. Booking a Photo and Video Team is always more likely to be cost effective since you're only paying one small business. Not to mention, when booking a Photo and Video Team, you only have to pay one deposit instead of two.

Over everything else, choosing wedding photo and video pros shouldn't be too tricky.

Just check these boxes:

_You love their work. They love their work.

_You find that your personalities go together like freshly minted Legos.

_You can ensure "Competing for the shot" doesn't happen on your Big Day.

_Their posing style will be natural, and make you feel confident, and never leave you feeling flustered or like you have to divide your attention.

_Your final Photos and Videos will groove and match like the Olsen twins. (oh, the 90's are back that way?...)

_Their price is on par with the industry, but will make even the most frugal say, "That seems fair".

_They are One Team.

_They make the whole process simple.

Teamwork Makes Your Wedding Dreams Work!

Thank you for stopping by and reading. :)

-Shelby and Rick.


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