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Husband & Wife
Photo & Video Duo

Shelby John

Shelby John 


Rick John

Rick John


Born & raised in Tennessee. She loves true to life color, sunset flares & epic landscape shots.

Originally a Southern Californian. He loves movie magic and is obsessed with cinematic drone footage.

Our two styles balance and complement each other.

 Our photos and films are guided by our love for nature and cinema, we love bold, vibrate, natural colors and we want you not only to have beautiful, creative portraits and videos, but also fun and timeless imagery that takes you back to relive your wedding day, and though our style is timeless our posing and promos are anything but stuffy! Get ready to play, giggle and have fun! 

Meet Shelby and Rick 

The husband and wife duo who specialize in authentic wedding photography and videography.

S&R John Photography

Hey lovebirds,

        Shelby and I first met in the summer of 2013 by chance in a department store.  With a romance film in her hand and a skateboard in mine, we tested each other with a few flirting quips back and forth. Soon after exchanging facebook info (facepalm) we realized that we were both chasing the same dreams in life. Our dream always has been and always will be our art, regardless of the medium. Music, painting, photography and film were the foundations for our love together. There were many times in our beginnings as a team that we’d lay awake at night and dream out loud about one day shooting weddings together. 


       When Shelby and I started our business together back in 2015, we had one goal in mind: produce art that would stand the test of time. Not trendy, fly by night art, but rather a timeless and priceless piece of art that any couple would be proud to show their great grandchildren. 


        Our two unique histories as artists have allowed us to create a style that weaves true to life hues, raw emotion and authenticity together to produce what we believe are images and films that will hold their value far past any of our lifetimes. Flash forward years later to now, and we’ve had the honor of photographing hundreds of couples and thousands of people. Of all the times we've worked with our couples, we’ve never rushed or set limits on the time we spend with them, and its only benefitted us. It’s helped us develop our directing style that has become a major part of how we produce our work.


         We’ve been thanked for being fun, relaxed and overall normal people who understand how difficult and sometimes intimidating being photographed can feel. After all, it’s about capturing your love for each other and telling a story. A story of who you are, and not how you're posed. We want your images to look like your day felt, so much that you can almost hear the trees, and remember how the sun touched your skin. Every single story is unique. Every photo set and film we create is unique. 

We absolutely love what we do, and we hope you love what we do too! 

-Shelby and Rick

Hi! I'm Shelby,

     I’ve never been great at describing who I am, but I’d love to know about you, so its only fair that I spill the beans! Here goes nothin'! I grew up in Bartlett TN, and loved what most girls probably do; art, movies and Nicolas Sparks books. I fell in love with photographing everything at 6 years old when my Grandma bought me my first barbie camera. (Yes, it was pink, and it shot 35mm film. So you can almost say I was a hipster photographer before I went on to be a pro. I don’t look good in fedoras though.)

      I was studying Photography and marketing at the University of Memphis when I met my love of my life and partner Rick. We’ve been together for 9 years now, and I am a bonus mom to a super cool 13 year old, and a new mommy to a precious 3 month old. 

    Weddings are my second passion to photography. Seriously, if I wasn’t a photographer I’d be a coordinator or planner. Every little detail from the lace in your dress, to the tears of joy from your groom when you walk down the aisle is what I breathe for (Well, besides coffee).  I wouldn’t choose any other path for me. I’d always choose to be your photographer. 

Best Memphis Wedding Photographer
Best Memphis Wedding Videographer

Hey, I'm Rick!

     I grew up in a small coastal town in Southern California called Laguna Beach. Yes, that Laguna Beach…  No I won’t sign any autographs. Thanks, MTV...

      My Passion as a film maker and videographer all stem from my first love (sorry Shelby), Star Wars. The year is 1995, in my childhood home, gravity firmly holding my body to the ground, while my mind wondered somewhere on the Forrest Moon Of Endor. The grandeur, the romance and of course the Lightsabers sealed my need to make films like Han in Carbonite. Ok...I'll stop.

      I’m a huge 80’s hair metal fan, and if I’m not working on films, I’m usually filling my time playing guitar or trying to learn something new. When Shelby and I met, I knew that our future together would always be rooted in art. She, the photographer and singer song writer, and me, the amateur film maker and guitarist found a groove that some may call, “A love type thing”.

I loved her from the first moment I saw her, and in 2018, I took her hand in marriage over looking the Great Smokey Mountains. Just me, her and the Minister. If only I’d had a film crew there, you could have watched me sob in 4K HD.

I, like Shelby, absolutely adore weddings. I love the flowers, the challenge, the romance and over all, the unlimited amount of creative satisfaction it gives me as an artist. Although I'm not shooting epic space dramas, my dream has truly come true; Filming your wedding.

Photo and Video Duo

Shelby's favorite... 

Drink? Coffee. Can't function without it.

Food? Cajun French Fries. Yummm.

Director? Christopher Nolan. Inception anyone?

Composer? Hans Zimmer. 

Photographer? The Hearns. 

Place to visit? Greers Ferry, AR. Trees, Lakes, Rivers. Ect.

Actor/Actress? Chris Pratt. Also, Yumm. 

First thing you’d buy if you won the Lotto? A Cabin on top of a mountain in Colorado. 

Rick's favorite... 

Drink? Caffeine Free Diet Pepsi. 

Food? Quesadillas, gimme em all.

Director? Nicolas Winding Refn. (If you haven't seen Drive it's on Netflix. Go watch.) 

Composer? Adrian Von Ziggler. So Dreamy.

Photographer? Andrew Mohrer. Google him you'll thank me later. 

Place to visit? Gatlinburg, TN.

Actor/Actress? Ryan Gosling. (hey girl)

First thing you’d buy if you won the Lotto? A trip around the globe first class. 


Enough about us! We'd  love to learn more about you. Lets chat about your wedding details over coffee! 

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