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Top 10 Stunning Engagement Session Locations in Memphis, TN

Finding locations for your engagement session doesn't have to be hard! Here are our top 10 locations that we love to shoot engagement sessions at!

-Shelby and Rick

1. Shelby Farms Park

Shelby Farms is one of our favorite places to shoot Engagement Sessions in Memphis! There are a ton of versatile spots within the park. Pictured above is one of our favorite spots in the park. It has a beautiful sunset and is usually pretty secluded. Located beside the dog park, this is also a great spot to bring your furry friend to your engagement session!


-Usually pretty secluded (especially on a weekday)

-Beautiful Sunset + Scenery

-Open Field and Lake

-Nature/Outdoorsy Vibes

-Bring your pups! (We just suggest bringing a family member or friend to help with them while we do photos of just y'all)


-It is still part of the dog park, although less trafficked, off leash dogs are a possibility as well as doggy landmines. (Aka: Poop, so watch your step!)

-Can be semi-busy on the weekends or on days with really nice weather

-No public restroom for outfit changes

Another spot we like to use at Shelby Farms is over near the Stables. There is a fishing lake with a dock, a woodsy walking path, and a open grassy field with big oak trees.

This spot is nice to use on warmer days or if your engagement session is earlier in the day. Because there are a lot of nice shady areas, and the dock makes for a nice spot as long as no one is fishing there!

2. Your Wedding Venue!

If your wedding venue and scheduling allows, your wedding venue can be a great place to do your engagement photos!


-It's private! Typically because you will need to schedule with the venue, it means that we get the place almost all to ourselves during the session! :)

-Your venue building will typically be open, so that means access to a restroom for an easy outfit change!

-Makes for great save the date photos showcasing your venue.

-It matches the vibe of your wedding day


-Sometimes scheduling can be hard with venues because they are booked up with tours, rehearsals and weddings.

-Some couples don't want to burn out their venues photo locations before the actual wedding day.

-Usually only available on the Weekdays

3. Brook's Museum/Overton Park

Brook's Museum is a great spot for an engagement session. It's has elegant vibes that make for a great background for more formal outfits, and Overton Park has lots of great landscaping and walking paths to use as well.


-Has a lot of great architecture, stairs and landscaping that makes for a lot of great photo backgrounds.

-Cement walking paths, make it easier for outfits with heeled shoes.

-A great location if the grass is wet from recent rain.


-This popular spot can be quite crowded on the weekends, especially when events are going on, so we highly suggest using this location during the week.

-Couples who want to do an outfit change, will probably have to change in their car. During the week, the park doesn't always have a public restroom open.

4. Martyr's Park by the River | Downtown Memphis

Martyr's park is a great option for couples who have love for Memphis and it's iconic place on the river, but still want a more natural vibe. Located next to the old bridge, you also get some of that rustic vibe!


-River side, Trees, Sidewalks and an epic view of both iconic Memphis Bridges!

-Usually not very crowded

-Free Parking


-No restrooms to change outfits

-Can be busy at times

-The sunset can be a little harsh with the glare coming off the water, so we usually recommend using this location no earlier than Golden Hour. ( The hour before sunset)

5. Crosstown Concourse

Crosstown Concourse is a great indoor photoshoot location. It's great for avoiding extreme hot or cold weather + great for engagement session days that get rained out and can't be rescheduled. It's the perfect spot if you love industrial and fun urban vibes. It's also a great spot to stay and have dinner after your session!


-They don't charge a fee to shoot there or require you to schedule in advance (you just have to check in with security when you arrive.)

-Great option/backup plan for an indoor location on rainy or cold days.

-Public restrooms for easy outfit change


-You do have to pay to park for over two hours if your planning on staying for dinner. (Unless you park on one of the top levels of the parking garage.)

-It is busy. The third floor where we shoot the most often is usually pretty quiet so that's typically where we will start/do most of the session.

-The more "fun" area's like the staircases and area's with artwork will be more populated. We usually work very quickly in those areas.

6. Downtown Memphis | Central Station Area

If you like more of an urban downtown vibe, this is one of our favorite spots! It's a nice mix of downtown and midtown vibes, it's usually not too busy and the trolly stops right in front of Central Station Hotel!


-Great urban/downtown vibes

-Usually not too busy considering being downtown

-Can use the hotel bathroom for outfit changes


-Central Station Hotel doesn't allow photos within the hotel lobby without pre-scheduling and a pretty hefty photo fee, but you can use the sidewalk and areas out front of the hotel.

-You will get whistled and yelled "congratulations!" at by people driving by! 😂 ... A lot.

7. Downtown Memphis | Rooftop, Court Square Park & Courthouse Area

This area of Memphis is fun for couples who really want that rooftop, urban city vibe. We usually start off by parking in a parking garage downtown, using the rooftop of the parking garage to start and then walk towards the Courthouse from there. There are a lot of neat spots along the walk to stop and take photos including Court Square Park.


-It's totally a vibe, and a fun high energy area, great for city lovers!

-Parking garage where we like to start is near the Peabody Hotel, so if you would like to step in the Hotel to change outfits and take a few quick photos we can!

(Note: The Peabody doesn't actually "allow" photoshoots, but typically if we are quick and respectful of Hotel guests, the staff doesn't mind us going in for a few quick shots.)


-Very, Very busy area! Prepare to work fast and walk a lot!

-Like always with working downtown, prepare for the attention you will receive from passing cars and pedestrians.

-About $15 for Parking at the Parking Garage

8. Herb Parson's Lake near Collierville, TN

Herb Parson's Lake is a fishing lake near Collierville, with pine tree lined Bike/Hiking trails that encompass a lake.


-Usually not very busy!

-Beautiful scenery; pine trees, trails, and lake.

-You can bring your pups on a leash.


-They do have a restroom, but it is sometimes closed, depending on the season.

9. Shelby Forest

Shelby Forest is a great fall location, with lots of trees and changing leaves, back roads, lake and even campsites!


-Lots of photo locations!

-Outdoorsy vibes, trees, and lake.

-Public bathrooms for outfit change.

-Usually not very busy!


-...I can't think of any! Well, maybe bugs?

10. Harbor Town Downtown

Harbor Town is a romantic spot in Memphis for a photo session. You can stop by Cordelia's for an ice cream or have dinner at The Terrace after!


-Beautiful scenery, bridge, across the street from the river.

-Can use Cordelia's restroom to do an outfit change


-Finding a parking spot can sometimes be tricky

-Can be pretty busy, especially on weekends

-It is a residential community, so expect things like people walking their dogs, mowing their lawns etc.

I hope this simple guide helps you choose the vibe that's best for you! We love Memphis and all of its quaint little spots!


Shelby and Rick


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