Our two styles balance and complement each other.

 Our photos and films are guided by our love for nature and cinema, we love bold, vibrate, natural colors and we want you not only to have beautiful, creative portraits and videos, but also fun and timeless imagery that takes you back to relive your wedding day.

Shelby John

Shelby John


Born & raised in Tennessee. She loves true to life color, sunset flares & epic landscape shots.

Rick John

Rick John


Originally a Southern Californian. He loves movie magic and is obsessed with cinematic drone footage.

Husband & Wife
Photo & Video Duo

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Should you hire one team to do both photo & video for your wedding day?

 Featured Film Trailers


Rachel and Chance | Orion Hill

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Megan and Andrew | Southern Grace 

 Featured Highlight Films 


Marianna and Will | Orion Hill

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Anna Katherine and Todd | The Mill at Plein Air

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