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The Cumberland House| Stephanie and Josh | Jackson, TN, Wedding Photographer

Shot opens from black to roaring studio audience.

Studio live band plays

Audience's clapping slowly comes to a stop

Camera cuts from audience back to Rick on stage.

Rick sits behind his desk while sipping his coffee from his "Rick at Night" mug.

"Welcome back to Rick at Night, ladies and gentlemen! Now, the last time we saw this next couple, they'd just had their engagement session with us and were ecstatic to become newly weds!"

Crowd loses control with cheers and claps

"I know it! I know! you remember them and so do we! What'dya say Shelby? Should we bring our next guests out for the people at home?"

Camera cuts to shelby in the band stand with her Saxophone and shades on

Crowd loses it

"I think if we don't, they may riot!" quips Shelby.

Camera cuts to Studio Audience laughing and cheering

Back to Shelby with questlove behind her as he gives a quick little drum fill and resets his hair comb

"Alright, alright now!" Rick laughs and claps himself. "You know them from our recent blog, but now you can know them personally! Let's welcome Newlywed couple Josh and Stephanie Reedy, Ladies and Gentlemen!"


Fallon gets one. Leno had one for years. They even gave that stick in mud Kimmel a late night show. But what about Rick at Night? The producers over at NBC said they'd call me back, and never did. I guess that's show biz baby! Anyhow. Ehem.. Even though most of the scenario you just read isn't true (90% of it), it is true that we're welcoming back Josh and Stephanie to our blog stage. When Stephanie and Josh had first set out on the long and treacherous quest of seeking "Wedding Vendors", they'd hit a few bumps along the way. We were very lucky and honored for them to have chose us to tell their story. Because, holy beautiful weddings Batman! This wedding was immaculate!

Wrought iron gates, a spiral staircase, and Italian Cypress lined gardens that could melt anyone into a puddle of envy in six seconds or less was my prediction for this day, but it was actually 5 seconds.

We found Stephanie in the bridal parlor of The Cumberland House bustling about with her brides maids. Beautiful robes in a beautiful room was enough for us to melt immediately. Everything in this parlor is white. The floors, the mantle, the sofa and the Mirror are all so elegant and clean that the room it self makes you want to burn everything you own in your own house and buy a 5 gallon bucket of #FFFFFF Behr paint. As the girls finished up their make up, we found the boys downstairs engaged in a few boy antics.

The beer flowed and so did the video games. As the groomsman were tinkering around, Josh made his grand entrance to a roar by the guys! As the the hilarity and antics ensued, Josh started getting suited up for the biggest day of his life. As Josh tightened his tie by the large louvre blinded window, we applied a little bit of movie magic to our shots by using atmosphere spray in the air. (Please see Josh's getting ready photos). These shots came out much better than we'd ever hoped!

Once the groomsmen were dragged away from their games and were suited up, they all seated themselves around the room to open some pretty wicked groomsman gifts from Josh. (Including a "Hand of The King" Pin for all of them!) Few moments were spent without banter and laughter.

We headed back up the house's original stair case from 1870 to the bridal parlor. The dark teak wood of the banister takes you back to a time where candles would've lit your way all the way up the talking wood stair. Once again we found the girls, but this time they were finished with hair and make up and seated on the large white sectional chatting away. We took some totes adorable portraits of them and their adorable coordinated slippers. It was time for Stephanie to step into her gorgeous dress from Ballew Bridal. As she stepped in, her sweet Mom came to fit the back of the dress for her. All of the brides maids to this point were hidden away in the second room of the parlor, and hadn't yet seen her in her dress. With a count of three, they flowed into the room to see their best friend dawning her wedding gown.There was not a dry eye in the room!

We led Josh to a terrace under a few crepe myrtle trees. The wind blew slightly and the heat of the day was broken by the shade of the leaves. Josh stood and waited patiently while facing the out door alter and aisle. It was time to see his bride. She walked up to him, he turned to see her, and our best guess is that he fell in love all over again. She was beautiful. She was his.

The guests started arriving a little early as the always do. More than likely hoping to sneak the first looks of the Bride to be. They filed in, family by family and started to take seats on both sides of the aisle. Soon enough, There were only a few empty spots left. Josh strolled in with the confidence of Bond, James Bond, and his groomsmen followed suit. As Stephanie rounded the corner, every seat was quickly emptied again. They all stood tall to watch their friend, daughter and cousin walk past to become Mrs. Reedy.

The ceremony went off with not a hitch. or maybe just one hitch. Wink* Their first kiss sealed the deal, and off they were together down the aisle. This time, together.

The Terrace addition to the Cumberland house is like something that I remember from "Tivoli Too". A beautiful art exhibit and outside venue in Laguna Beach, CA. (Who's sadly since closed). A covered open air terrace surrounded by beautiful gardens. Im sure any "A Lister" would be right at home here. Josh and Stephanie went into their first dance like they'd been practicing for quite sometime. Yes... you have to practice dancing with you bride grooms! It's the law. Plus, its easy. (Check it out, bro!) These two were like duckies in a pond; natural and made for each other. Cake was served, but so we're donuts. YES DONUTS! I know! It's the newest craze and we can't get enough of it. Plus the Donuts are guaranteed to keep some level of police presence at your wedding, incase things get out of hand. Joking... Jeez...

After the slow dancing, Stephanie and Josh kicked the clutch in and dropped it into party gear! The proverbial rubber was burning with how lit this party was. Everyone who could dance, danced. Anyone who could party, partied HARD. (we're not worthy, we're not worthy!) We were extremely proud of the reception photos we got of their reception! A few more slow dances were shared and the music pumped on. But the highlight of the evening is when all their friends locked arms to shoulders in a people ring, whilst swaying together and at the top of their lungs singing See you again. But not to worry, the 1980's movie montage-esque moment was quickly swept away when the speakers started pumping out Backstreet Boys "I want it that way." Ladies and gentlemen, when I say the crowd went wild, it uhm... well, yeah... went wild! The last song of the night was over, and the lights in the terrace were brought up.

Stephanie and Josh's day was so beautiful and fun! We can not thank them enough for choosing us as their artists. So, Thank you, thank you, thank you Steph and Josh! And thank you ladies and Gentlemen. We hope you enjoyed the program. See you next time on Rick at Night!

Band plays outro song

Cut to shelby on the Sax wailing away

Crowd clapping

Camera cuts to black

Jackson, Tennessee Wedding Photography

Venue: The Cumberland House

Dress: Ballew Bridal


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