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Downtown Memphis Engagement Session |Memphis Wedding Photographer | Hailley and Carlos


What is it and how is it achieved?

A collection of observations by Rick and Shelby

Chapter one


Is it an emotion that’s created or affected by an out side force? Or is it an internal acceptance and understanding of the outside?

Perhaps it’s only perception that creates happiness. The way a fire and pink set sky evokes happiness for one, and not for another.

Perhaps this is why we all find happiness in places that others wouldn’t think to look.

Perhaps it’s being the owner of the cutest bleeping puppy you’ve ever, ever seen.

Like... EVER!

Yes. We’re going with that.

Cutest puppy ever = Happiness.


The End.

Thanks for reading our book, we hope that you found it insightful.

When we first met Hailley for coffee and to talk about wedding details, our conversation always seemed to lean back to our "Fur Babies". It's really hard not to talk about dogs in general, but when we meet someone who REALLY wants pictures with thier pup, its hard not to feel, well, all giddy and stuff.

( C'mon, we're photographers, not authors, ok? "And Stuff" is what you'll get, so don't throw no fit!)


Zeke, (that's the puppy's name *Giggle*) was almost as cute as Hailley and Carlos were. Hailley showed up to our session with her make up done professionally and may we say, perfectly. Carlos had his beard sculpted to the Greek God Standard. When we started our engagement session by brooks museum on a beautiful June day, we had no idea how beautiful the day would turn out to be. (Spoiler Alert : It turns out it was a really beautiful day. See below. Yes... This blog does indeed contain pictures.)

While we walked and played fetch with Zeke, we asked Hailley if she thought Zeke could balance her engagement ring on his nose, “We can try!" she said trying to harness her excitement. “But I’ve been practicing with him and I haven’t been able to get it right!”

In a slightly daring attempt, we took Hailley‘s gorgeous engagement ring and very carefully had Zeke sit and balance it on his nose, “There! Quick! Get the shot! Now grab the ring before it falls!”

Disclaimer: No Diamonds or Puppies were harmed in the making of this epic photo.

After Zeke's close ups, we had him head home with his Aunty, Hailley’s sister. From then on we focused more on just the bride and groom to be.

Once we were downtown alone with them, we found that Hailley and Carlos were a lot more comfortable with the camera than they thought they would be. It's funny how we all tend to think that we're not good at something before we've even done it, only because it's new. Well, darling dear reader, even with them being new models or not, i'm here to say that Hailley and Carlos need to be reconsidering careers.

I see.. yes... modeling in their future!

Without even knowing how charming and sweet they were, they fell into each others looks and had the camera melting. With no prompts from us besides the occasional spurring of a kiss, they were more natural being them and making each other giggle and swoon then when we asked them to pose.

Once they warmed up to the idea of the eye of Sauron staring into them, you could truly see how happy they are to be together.

Overall, This session turned into a very rewarding set artistically. We often judge our work very critically, but this set spoke to us in a inexplicable way. The way the way that Carlos and Hailley contrast each other is astounding. We feel proud that we were able to catch just even a flicker of that magic within these two. We hope you enjoy the set.

We'll leave you with this Riddle...

Whats grey and furry and in a hurry?

Happiness :)

Shelby and Rick


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