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Dixon Gardens Engagement Session| Jessica and Mitchell | Memphis Wedding Photographer

"I've done it! Rikgor, my wonderful lad! I have done it! Do you know what this means for the world? For humanity?!” Shouted Dr. Shelbnstein.

Thunder clapped and echoed through the old castle’s walls. The flicker of the lightning revealed the smirking hunchback Rikgor’s face in the dark of the morter and stone built room.

“What is it, Master?! What is it?!” Asked the hunchback with a heavy accent.

"I have discovered the perfect solution for...” with a restrained laugh through gritted teeth, Dr. Shelbnstein continued, “for...dare I say this out loud?! Yes...NO! YES! I must! I have discovered the perfect formula for heart wrenching cuteness!” Her eyebrows now gathering together with a look of mania about her eyes. “This simple solution has been here in front of us all along! Need you not look about for things bearing magical qualities, no! Must you only find two things! Yes! Two things! The first, a vivacious and charming couple!”

"Rikgor like charming couple!"

"Yes, yes, Rickgor, now calm and quiet yourself... But the second thing! Oh! The second thing you must find is a field filled with the freshest flowers of spring’s bloom! Then, and only then do you have the recipe for pure heart wrenching cuteness! Hark! Perhaps some champagne also?... Yes! Only three things needed to create this heart wrenching monster of adorableness! Muahahaha!”

*Cricket chirps*


What?... you’re not taking notes? Look, it’s pretty simple.

1. Charming lively couple. Check.

2. Beautiful tulips in bloom. Check.

3. Champagne and a night on the town. Check.

It doesn’t take a mad scientist to see that this engagement session was more than we could’ve dreamed for!

When Jessica and Mitchell reached out to us for their Dixon Gardens Wedding in June we knew that we were the fortunate ones on the side of the deal. When we talked about where they wanted to have their engagement session, Jessica mentioned that she wanted to shoot at the Dixon Gardens. A better place to take engagement photos than the beautiful tulip filled gardens, there is none. As we walked into the gardens it was more beautiful than we had even imagined! We had visited the gardens a time or two before but never when the tulips had been in full bloom! Jessica and Mitchell are so in love that they took to our directions naturally. Actually, we‘ll be honest here. The best photographs we took were when they thought we weren’t looking! They didn't need any encouraging when it came to embracing each other. We found the greenhouse and took the opportunity to let them, "Fog the windows up”. Oh come on, like you don’t remember that scene in Titanic with the foggy windows. Yeah right.... As the sun started to go down and the garden closed up, we made our way to Harbor Town by the river where Jessica will move in with Mitchell in just a few short months as a newlywed couple! If you've never been to Harbor Town let me just tell you it is hands down something out a filmmaker and photographers dream. The sun sets through the artisan crafted houses and shops, and gives everything a very “filmy" 1950's All- American dream vibe. That paired with Jessica's one of a kind green button down dress, and Mitchell's suave attire gave the couple the chance to paint the town red with the uncorking of some fine champagne, and a his and hers pair of champagne glasses. An absolutely perfect ending to our session. Grab your own glass of champagne and enjoy this gorgeous set of this adorable couple’s photos!

P.s. Don’t let the adorably heart wrenching cute monster get’cha!

-Dr Shelbnstein And Rikgor.

(aka Shelby and Rick)


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