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Shelby Farms Engagement Session| Emma & Ryan| Memphis Wedding Photographer

When Emma and Ryan first told us they would be bringing their skateboards, I was slightly alarmed. How were we going to create a beautiful engagement session with skateboards? Rick of course knew just what to do. "Longboards," he corrected me, "are part of the beach scene." From growing up in California, Rick took inspiration from one of the "greatest surfing films of all time". Considering Emma and Ryan are having a beach wedding in Florida in a few months, he stemmed his inspiration for the session from the movie The Endless Summer. Longboards, surfboards, surf, sand, and sun were all elements we wanted to bring to this session. The only problem was we are too far from the beach for sand and surf, so how do we create beach culture 1,800 miles away from sunny California? By utilizing the brilliant sunset, rolling hills of Tennessee, and our editing style, we brought a classic beach vibe to this collection. Rick and I were so stoked about the outcome of this session. Ryan and Emma bringing along something that they loved to do, relieved their tension. "I hate getting photos taken," said Emma to me after delivering her gallery, "but I didn't feel stressed at all during the shoot. I was just having fun skating around with Ryan. I am so in love with these photos, the best I've ever had taken!" Bringing something personal to the session really gave Rick and me a chance to showcase who they are as a couple. I think that when you look at these photos, you can get a feel for who Emma and Ryan are. Truly shouldn't that be what an engagement session does? We want to showcase not only your love for one another, but your passion for life as well.




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