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Shelby Farms Engagement Session | Amanda & Clayton | Memphis Wedding Photographer

Sometimes it’s hard to depict the emotion we feel with our photos and clients in written form.

It can feel like trying to describe the color blue without using, well, the color blue to describe blue.

Go on. You try. I’ll wait...

(Jeopardy music starts playing)

I know what you’re thinking.

pIcTUrEs aRe wOrTH A tHoUSaNd wOrDs!

But even ten thousand words couldn't describe how amazing Amanda and Claytons engagement session was!

We started off our set in the most beautiful open field covered in yellow Spring flowers. The scene was painted for us in an almost classic American Folk styled painting. Blue skies, and open fields as far as one could see.

The photos will show the stark contrast in size between Clayton and Amanda without words, but we have to state, that with opportunities like this one, we did not let it pass us by. All we had to do was barely hint at Clayton picking Amanda up for some shots, and in a New York second, he scooped her up like a pretty doll with the ease of the breeze. It was actually quite humorous watching Amanda's reaction as she was lifted off the ground like Dorothy’s house!

Yes we laughed at her expense... sue us...


When we noticed the sun setting, we wondered until we found the perfect field of Winter wheat. The suns golden fingers touching the dancing wheat seemed to feel so classic, and warm that every shot we took was absolute Gold. The way they snuggled, silent and understanding of each other was unspeakable. Some couples need no words, just touch. Amanda and Clayton exude a silent love, the kind that make you want to know the whole story behind who they are, and their love as soon as you meet them.

Amanda and Clayton really let us explore our Artistic side in this set, and for that we couldn’t be more grateful. The warm and moody tones speak to us in ways we hadn’t thought possible before.

To Amanda and Clayton, thank you for letting us be your photographer.

We hope you love the photos.

Shelby and Rick


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