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Downtown Memphis Engagement Photography| Memphis Wedding Photographer| Alaina and Cody

What is it that actually separates the past from the present?

I know most would quickly answer, "Time".

True. Time is the actual determining factor of the two.

What i meant to ask is ,what are the actual differences in the world around us from the past versus now?

Think about this.

The technology of yesteryear was more basic than what it is today, correct?

A Film Camera is a great example of that.

The way we see the past through that old tech gives us the illusion of the world being different somehow.

Maybe it's the tone of the photographs. Maybe it's the Architecture in them. Maybe there is something truly different about being alive during a specific era, and somehow it's captured and remains alive in the photos.

Take for example the photograph of your Dad, or Grand dad in his 1940's Military portrait.

Does the tone, color and overall look of the photo give the illusion that if somehow he were to step from that photograph right now, he would somehow look like he's out of place? Different perhaps?

What about the photographs of the men building rail roads through the American west in the 1800's?

A picture of a group of muddy, dancing Hippy kids at Woodstock?

How is it that these photographs gives the illusion that the world was different?

Let's be realistic here; The world looked no different then than it does now.

Same blue skies.

Same green Forrests.

The world we live in now is really a very interesting one. It has all the benefits of a modern world and with all of the knowledge of yesterday at our disposal. Yet here we are, longing to hang onto the past.

Or, at least I do.

Allow Moi to explain...

I was downtown Memphis recently filing some paperwork at the court house.

It was quiet early in the morning at the court, so naturally I watched all the attorneys and paralegals file into the court house by the hundreds it seemed. By filing in I mean stand in line to the good ole metal detector. Oh yeah, you know the metal detector, don't ya?

After I'd finished my business with the very friendly *cough* clerks office, I'd stepped out of the south side of the building. Now, I've been downtown plenty of times in the morning, and I know this city quite well, but for some reason today, the city, it just looked different. As if through the lens of an old film camera.

The low morning sun split off the pillars of the old Adam's Court House, and fanned across the building's Greek facade. The buildings around were casting long defined shadows that would separate the light so much you could almost see the difference in temperature between light and shadow. For some reason, today felt different. it was like i could almost close my eyes and see the lawyers and police officers of the 30's and 40's marching up and down the stairs on their official duties.

Let's cut our scene to a week later.

Enter scene: Alaina and Cody. An extremely sweet couple who booked with us for their May wedding of this year.

Alaina and Cody also happen to have extremely good taste. I mean they booked us, you know? No pictures Dahhling.

Alaina and i are texting and confirming their engagement session date and time.

We've discussed a few potential locations, bu no location ideas had "stuck" yet, if you will.

So, randomly, the thought of that beautiful morning downtown comes to mind!

I took a shot.

I asked if we could do their engagement session downtown.

In the morning.


Held my breath and waited for her to reply...

She said yes!

See what i did there? *Giggle*

9am. Downtown. Coffee Shop. Yes! It's all set.

Finally, the morning comes and we could not have asked for a better one! The sun was cutting across the old brick faces of the buildings, the sky blue and the weather was a perfect 75 degrees with a breeze. The kind of weather that people pay millions of dollars to live in shoe box for.

*Cough* Californians

Alaina and Cody had already had a Proposal/Engagement shoot at the beach where Cody had proposed, but we wanted to take the time we had with them before their wedding to really get to know how they would feel in front of our cameras. And would you believe it if i told you, they was like peas and carrots together? They were so natural and fun that it was hard not to smile and laugh with them throughout the whole set.

We all strolled together through the splendid buildings of yesteryear down Main Street when we came across the most adorable coffee cafe I've ever seen downtown. Boasting the flags of Europe, it truly has an old world vibe. The vibe that one longs for when peeking through time via old photos. The charm of the past in that building was giving us the fuel to launch an adorable engagement session. Alaina and Cody must have nerves of steel, because believe me, when the cameras start clicking in public, the public starts watchin'! Small kisses and foamy Cappuccinos tickled their noses while passerby noticed their charm and smiled as they walked along. The whole cafe' may have fallen head over heels for Alaina and Cody that morning.

So to conclude an almost serious blog;

We've always heard that the past is gone. the future is to be decided and the present is all that should ever matter. What if we instead took that concept, crumpled it up into a little thought ball, and chucked it into the proverbial waste basket?

We thought, what if we were able to blend the charm of yesterday, with the sophistication of todays technology, and hopes and dreams of tomorrow and present them in a stunning visual medium?

Over all, I think we'd achieved what we were aiming for. We wanted to blend the nostalgia of yesterday with the production of new memories. New born of old. I think the photos in the cafe scream this exact sentiment.

May 18th, May 18th wherefore art thou May 18th?


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