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Twin Oaks Manor, Millington | Alaina & Cody | Memphis Wedding Photographer


Venue: Twin Oaks Manor

Dress: The Barefoot Bride

Doubt thou the stars are fire;

Doubt that the sun doth move;

Doubt truth to be a liar;

But never doubt I love.

There was absolutely, positively zero chance of us not quoting Shakespeare here in this blog. This day was all so much.

Alloweth me paint a picture by word for thee.

A sun filled sky kissed with a clouds haze. A dancing breeze that brought trees to life with the voice of the ancient symphonies. The lights, the tears of joy, the smiles and the dancing. The love, and pure romanticism that bled into everyone's hearts present for Alaina and Cody's marriage vows.

All too much to paint by word.

Tempted are we even to continue this blog in italics only for the romantic value. (plus our software doesn't have any cursive fonts...)

If there was a time ever to be earnest in our writing, it would be now. The way that this particular day panned out, was that of a photographers dream, and of a Bride and Groom's.

Twin Oaks Manor itself is nestled in a corner off of a wonderfilled country road. When we pulled up, we felt in the force that this day would be amazing. As we prepped our gear, a few of the bridesmaids passed excitedly by smiling and chit chatting about the day. We found Alaina inside of the manor the bridal suite having her hair made up. All the bridesmaids were present, and not a single drop of cheerlessness filled the room. Light poured in through the large sheer covered window and lit Alaina's already glowing face.

"Are you ready?" Shelby asked excitedly with a giggle.

"Oh, yes!' Aiana returned back immediately through the mirror.

We watched as all the girls made their final touches on hair and make up. Soon after the girls were prepping to put their dresses on, so we left to find the boys.

There upstairs the manor we found Cody's Groomsmen, cutting loose and ripping jokes like it was open mic night at the local Comedy house.

"Hey dudes, wheres the man of the hour?" Asked Rick when Cody wasn't there.

"He should be here. Here, i'll call him." One of the groomsmen responded. "Okay, man! Cool, bye!

Okay, he says he's walking in now.

From down the staircase, through the door in walked Cody, with a pride that could only be compared to the pride of a lion. Today was his day, and he knew it. As he came up the stairs, he was greeted by his brothers with a "Yeahh maaan!"

With Cody, we really wanted to capture his emotion and pride with his getting ready shots. We prompted him to think of his bride and the day to come. Cody reminds me of me (Rick) in the regard that you know how he's feeling, because he wears it like a badge. And today his badge was that of excitement and emotion. Gotta' love that.

After capturing the guys get ready, we had Alaina move with her mom to the piano room where she'd get into the gown she'd dreamed of for only her and God knows how long. Her Mom zipped her gown up, handed Alaina her Bouquet, and in an instant, she became a Bride. It really is an amazing transition that we're as photographers graced to witness. As a woman becomes a bride, becomes a wife. *swoon*

We were all then off to the porch of the Twin Oaks Manor where dad was waiting patiently to see his daughter, gown and all.

A first look with Dad was more than enough for anyone to choke up. In Dad's defence, Alaina was a story book bride, so we could only imagine how hard it was to keep it together once he saw her.

Bridal Portraits ensued, and so did the excitement, because Alaina knew what came next.

Did you guess what came next? No?

Ugh, fine I'll just tell you...Don't wanna be here all day. *Wink*

The letter reading and the first look, of course.

"Cody! Are you ready, Sir?" Rick asked as cody trotted down the stairs while checking his cufflinks one last time.

Cody offered up an immediate "Yes sir!" and an accompanying signature Cody smile.

We headed out to the Porch of the Manor.

Here, we begin the raw, untapped emotion that all Hollywood directors dream about. The Real Deal as some may put it.

We captured Cody sit down on the porch, open the letter from Alaina, and absorb the written word of his betrothed like the desert takes in a long awaited rain. The words must've struck him like the first and last words he'd ever read from her. A beautiful raw moment that we're so proud to have captured for them both.

As soon as Cody finished the letter, no pause was given as we had Alaina come to the front porch and stop at the steps. With Cody's back to her and the wind in her hair, she started for him. She stopped only a few feet from him. As he turned to see the girl he'd asked to marry him, now standing as his bride, all bets were off for the "No Crying" game.

There were only momentary gaps between hugs and kisses to breath. They both seemed like they never wanted to leave that moment.

Finally, the stage was set. With all of the guests in their seats, The bridal and grooms party flowed gracefully down the aisle into their positions in front of the Flowered Arch. The man of the hour takes his place, and stands tall.

Then, she was there.

As Alaina hugged her daddy's arm down the aisle, you could see the love and intent in her eyes. With only a smile she came face to face with her groom. A sniffle, and a giggle set the tone.

Their vows were exchanged concisely, yet true. With all the emotion and energy of the day pent up behind these two, the first kiss was beautifully fulfilling.

You know? "Church Tongue".

Yes... Church Tongue...It is a quote from the wedding singer... Sue me...

The march back down the aisle was filled with laughs and a tight embrace, yet less tense now that the hardest part was over.

The reception was held in a quaint and darling barn set right behind the Manor. Fairy lights hung from the rafters that lit the dance floor that Alaina and Cody shared for their first dance as husband and wife. To make the stakes of emotion high, the first dance song was performed by a guest and friend of theirs. The strings of her guitar and voice filled the barn with a charm that only a singer-songwriter can do. ***** Rolling Stone gave it a 5 Star Performance *****

Speeches were held at the head of the room as guests fawned at the newlywed couple holding each other. At last, the cake was cut, and the dance floor was graced by a band of dancing children breaking out their best "Fortnite" dance moves.

No reception in 2019 is complete without the "Floss" , "Orange Justice" or the "HYPE" .

Toward the end of the night, all of the guests funnelled out of the barn to light sparklers to send Alaina and Cody off. As the newly wed couple came down the aisle of loved ones, Cody stopped, dipped and kissed his wife in what would result in a gorgeously captured photograph. Most definitely a mantle worthy picture. We are so grateful to have captured these wonderful memories for these two. We had more fun than we can express, and even more knowing that they get to relive their day through our art.

Two thank yous to Alaina and Cody we'd like to give.

1. Thank you for letting us be your artists.

2. Thank you Alaina for introducing us to Atticus.

In the likeness of shakespearean poetry , Atticus the poet writes,

"Let me die first or I will die twice."

Oh, Romance!

Shelby and Rick


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