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Lapis Film Company
Modern Marketing for the ModernWorld.

-54% of consumers engaged in targeted video marketing that pulled them in quickly.

-86% of Video Marketers see ROI, within the first month

- as of 2022, an average person is predicted to spend 100 minutes per day watching online videos, a majority watching on Instagram and Youtube. 

-Viewers want a story not just pretty images. 

Your TV style info-mercial won't cut it. 

-A video has 20 seconds to engage the viewer, before they choose to skip the ad.

   Gone are the days of having to sit through every commercial on TV that arn't relative to the viewer in the least. 

   Targeted Marketing and short relavent videos pull your ideal client in.
-We won't just simply hand you over a video, that you have no idea what to do with, with our social media package, we'll help you figure out who your target audience is, where they're viewing their content online, and how to advertise to them. You'll get a variety of video content to advertise your product or service on Youtube, Instagram, Facebook and Google Ads.

Starting at 10,500:
   Business Consulting:
        -We'll help find your target 
audience and give advice on how and where to properly advertise to them.
     -Once your videos are delivered, we will sit down for a one of one to  discuss how to properly place your videos on your websites and social media platforms to make the most of your videos.

Writing and Commercial Direction:
Ever see a really nicely filmed commercial with really bad acting? Or a script that 
With our direction we help you write a script and direct a commercial that is fun and engaging to your target audience.

   Social Media Content:
We will create a 
variety of 15,30 & 60 second videos for you to publish on your Instagram feed and trending reels to engage your target audience. 

   Youtube and Google Advertising:
With videos specifically geared towards advertising with Youtube and Google, your ads are less likely to be 

Notes for Website: 
Show or tell about the experience 


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