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Orion Hill Wedding and Events Engagement Session| Memphis Wedding Photographer| Taylor and Brennan

What do Twain, Hemingway, and Shakespeare all have in common?

C'mon, you know...

Before we begin this blog post on this amazing couple, we have to say that we are photographers, and not necessarily writers. If either of us had been born with the talents to rank amongst the great three we listed above, you'd be in for more of a literary journey here today. But alas, there are limits on our abilities to write, and quite simply, there just aren't enough words in English to describe how amazing this engagement session was.

A December day in Tennessee usually assures two things. One: its cold, and two: its grey.

It's more or less like Seattle in the winter, only in Tennessee, the coffee is A LOT cheaper.

This day was particularly cold. The trees were weighed down by the icicles that had formed on their branches, and the wind kept a steady push against them. The whole morning leading up to our session with Taylor and Brennan was filled with some anxiety, as the weatherman insisted on snow. Snow can be beautiful for a photo shoot, but snow in west Tennessee usually turns into frozen slush that's really not so, umm, pretty. Thankfully when we left our house to meet them, there wasn't a single snowflake in the air.

The meeting place and shooting location was Orion Hill. A brand new wedding venue in Arlington that by all the talk of the town and photos we'd seen was going to be incredible. Engagement sessions are already exciting, but the added suspense and excitement of being honored to shoot at a new venue was almost surreal.

The GPS pinged with its "Your Destination is on the right".

What is it talking about? I don't see a driveway...

You see only trees and road...Until you see it. The Gate. Orion Hill.

As we pulled in, only, and I mean only the word "WOW" comes to mind.

A gravel drive lined with massive cedars that lead to a breathtaking Manor.

Toto, I don't think we're in Memphis anymore.

Once you're on Orion Hill's property, it's hard to think of leaving.

When Taylor and Brennan pulled up, we immediately started boasting about how gorgeous the place was.

" They're not even done remodeling!", she beamed and told us about the gorgeous reception addition they were adding in the back.

How much better could this all be?

Here's how.

A. by Taylor and Brennan being an incredibly adorable couple, and

B. by them being the best sports about our current situation.

Situation = Freezing.

They braved the cold as we started their engagement session on the front porch of Orion Hill’s manor. Even with the weather below 32, they had nothing but smiles and laughs. The blankets we brought along helped keep the smiles rolling in. Between shots, Brennan would wrap his bride to be up in a blanket and we'd all try to warm back up, even for a couple of minutes. As we moved around the massive property, we came across an Osage Orange tree.

Please. For the love of all that is good, google it... or just see the photos below. :)

They are the most elegant and mystical trees and each one seems to be as unique as we humans are.

It's was only natural that all four of us were like kids in a candy store at the prospect of taking photos near and on the tree.

Snap. Beautiful! Snap. Snap. Blanket!! STAT! Taylor is turning blue over here!! Poor Taylor was a warrior through the almost two-hour set. Brennan’s beard helped him brave the harsh frozen wind, so he had no problems helping to Keep Taylor warm.

Back to what was said before, there’s no way to describe how these two interact. Natural, loving and giggly could be one way. Or just head over heels, Madly in love.

Need. More. Words.

The foggy tones coupled with the Cedar and Osage trees give the set a very mystical vibe. We are so in love with the tonality of the photography, the location and the couple that we want to refrain from throwing too many details about their day until it happens.

Too long. Didn’t Read:

3 Things we know, that you should too:

1. Taylor and Brennan are so sweet and in love, that they’ll make you fall in love all over again.

2. Orion Hill is hands down incredible.

3. These photographs are everything a photographer could ask for!

Yours truly,

Shelby and Rick (Not E. Hemingway)


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