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Memphis Engagement Session | Nick and Keshia

Memphis, since the 1950’s, had always been the town that inspired so many to pick up a guitar and mosey on from town to town. Thats exactly what Nick and Keisha decided to do for their wedding day. Well, minus the guitar. Flying all the way in from South Carolina, we had the chance to take a foggy southern afternoon with them and photograph their love for each other. We met downtown for their engagement photographs near the famous Sun Studio. At the same door that The King walked through to record his first record all the back in July of 1953.

It should be said that when we first met Nick and Keisha over a FaceTime call sometime back, The King of Rock and Roll was was brought up in conversation quite a few times. Well, for a couple reasons really. The first being the fact that Elvis is The King, and one needs no specific reason to speak of him. Secondly, because Keisha happens to be the second biggest fan of Elvis, right behind Nicolas Cage in a long distant 1st place. (C’mon now.. The guy married Elvis’s daughter for cryin’ out loud)

Nick wore a classic Flat cap and vest while Keisha, with a lacy white dress, kept the two locked into a very elegant and charming mood. While wandering up and down Union avenue, we both could tell their love for the nostalgia of this town was only matched by their love for each other. Honestly, think of your favorite place in the world. It could be Paris, or even Tucson, AZ. Now couple that with your favorite person and Bingo! A recipe for cuteness perfected. Looking through this set gives you a nostalgic feeling. Almost like you’re looking at the photos of all the happy people at Disneyland in the 50’s.

After a few more close ups downtown, we headed to Elvis’ home state of Mississippi to find us some cotton fields! Yes ladies and Gentlemen living anywhere outside of the South, you’ve heard that correctly! Here in Mississippi we have hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds ( you get the idea ) of acres of cotton fields. This is not us throwing “shade” here y’all, but we’re convinced that Mississippi only has two things; Cotton Fields and Ole Miss. Regardless of how many things are in Mississippi, we decided to abuse one of them and trek onto one of these endless fields for some gorgeous photos. Nick and Keisha made a quick wardrobe swap into some down right adorable ensembles! Here is where our set really grew wings. Nick + Keisha were at their absolute best in front of our cameras when we just let them be them. Nick would hold Keisha’s hand, to ensure her not getting sucked into the quicksand that is Mississippi mud and they’d both giggle as they slipped and almost fell to their muddy dooms. Ok not dooms, but mud stains are hard to get out! #amirite

Nick and Keisha’s set overall is a fantastic blend of classical and contemporary photographic elements. The tone and the color achieved is moody, yet vibrant still. It's not underexposed and doesn’t feel “sad” in anyway shape or form, but has the contrasty elements of the very trendy “espresso” styles of the last 5 years. The composite of our natural inclination to keep every shot true to life and mother natures ability to give a genuine “moodiness”, we think hit the sweet spot here.

We adored working with Nick and Keisha, and we can not wait for their wedding at Graceland this upcoming year! Thank you both for choosing us as your Wedding photographers!

Love, Shelby and Rick


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